Project Objectives

Research Objectives

  • To develop an electrospray tandem mass spectral library of over 5000 natural products.
  • To develop a user friendly software integrated with the library data with online and offline searching facilities
  • To study the ESI-MS/MS spectra of different natural products and analyze the characteristics of these spectra for determination of spectral features of these classes of compounds
  • To identify characteristic tandem mass spectrometric fragments for the rapid identification in the crude extract.
  • To publish the research findings in the international peer-reviewed journals.

Academic Objectives

  • To publish a book based on the research findings mainly on electrospray tandem mass spectral pattern of various classes of natural products.
  • To design a 3 credit hours course on modern mass spectrometry application in natural product chemistry for Ph. D. students
  • To enable researchers, working in the field of natural product chemistry, to analyze the compounds by the developed facility.
  • To enable fast detection/identification of compounds in drug research/discovery from natural products.

Industrial Objectives

  • To develop a marketable ESI-MS/MS library and search software.
  • To contribute towards quality improvement of goods exported from Pakistan through the introduction of batch testing by mass spectrometry.
  • To provide a solution for the herbal industry based on natural products.
  • To create connection between industry and academia through software that can help analyze FMCG product ingredients.

Human Resource Development

  • To strengthen the mass spectrometry research in Pakistan by the capacity development of the institute.
  • To produce scholars capable of performing research in the field of cutting edge mass spectrometry technology.
  • To produce M. Phil. and Ph. D. scholars in the field of Computational Mass Spectrometry.

Other Objectives

  • To conduct nationwide mass spectrometry workshop to enlighten the importance of mass spectrometry in natural products chemistry.
  • To highlight Pakistan’s contribution in the field of Science and Technology at the international forum of MassBank.