• Unavailability of a comprehensive electrospray tandem mass spectral database for a large number of natural products
  • Unavailability of a large number of identified and purified compounds isolated from natural products.
  • Lacking of high-throughput methods for the identification of new compounds from plant sources.
  • Isolation and characterization of previously known compounds from the plant extract and its related products is tedious, time consuming, and expensive.
  • Electrospray-tandem mass spectrometry study on different classes of natural products is still not explored.
  • Variation in mass spectral data due to un-optimized instrumental conditions which may cause false negative and false positive identification that can be minimized using software based approaches with improved search algorithms
  • Off line in-silico database searching facility compatible with window operating system is needed for a large number of stakeholders which includes graduate and postgraduate students, chemical engineers, exporters, custom officials etc for the findings of chemical database.
  • High-throughput and cost effective analyses of multi variants in botanicals, herbal extracts and products and FMCGs for product quality control and assurance are not established.
  • Offered low prize and less confidence of exporter on our commercial products including agriculture goods due the undefined and inconsistent chemical fingerprinting from batch to batch.